Crafted to last.

Taking our top-notch quality outside, we custom-designed and engineered our outdoor line of products to hold up against the elements and get the job done.

Our Outdoor hardwood product line consists of oak garden stakes, survey stakes, tool handles, and more.


Garden Stakes

Madison Mill Oak Garden Stakes can weather many gardening seasons. Manufactured using oak, Madison Mill Oak Garden Stakes are resistant to rot and designed with ready-made holes for zip ties, rope, or twine. Seven sizes are available to accommodate all garden needs, including longer length stakes for tomato plants or keeping young trees in an upright position. SIZES: 12” / 18” / 24” / 36” / 48” / 60” / 72”

Survey Stakes

Madison Mill Survey Stakes are manufactured to hold up on any job or survey site. Whether surveying projects to prepare job sites or marking out property boundaries or claims on natural resources, Madison Mill Survey Stakes are the heavy-duty product every contractor needs. Our Survey Stakes come in multiple sizes for versatility and flexibility.

Tool Handles

From sledge hammer handles to garden tool handles, we can make it. Our hickory tool handles are crafted to last with our signature Madison Mill craftsmanship. Other tool handles we produce include axes, push brooms, floor brushes, roofing tools, and more.

A Man Standing In A Field With A Basket Of Vegetables
A Pair Of Wooden Chopsticks On A White Background By Madison Mill


Outdoor projects should bring joy, not frustration, so a Madison Mill Oak Garden Stake is a different stake. Customers know the difference. Our stakes are built for durability, convenience, and a great look.


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