Welcome to Madison Mill — America’s home for premium hardwood dowel products for over 60 years. While we are honored to have been a dependable part of your woodworking projects, DIY endeavors, crafts work, and more for generations of families just like yours, we invite you to get to know us better.

A lot has happened in 60 years — the USA landing on the moon…the rise of the personal computer…the invention of the Internet and Google…September 11, 2001…the development of the iPhone…a global pandemic…

Yet, Madison Mill’s mission has stayed the same: responsibly making the highest quality of hardwood products — right here in the USA.

As we look toward the future and what the next 60 years may bring, we have taken time to dig deep, reflect on what we have accomplished — and what our products have helped you accomplish — and how we will continue to be America’s leader in specialty millwork, while spearheading the growth of our industry and crafting those products our customers need to create their best projects.

After much anticipation, we are excited to launch the new Madison Mill website, showcasing our hardwood dowels, custom shop, and specialty products for National Retailers, Family-owned shops, Woodworking Pros, DIY Creators, and Crafts enthusiasts alike.

Perhaps even more exciting for our Tennessee family of employees is the unveiling of the Official Madison Mill logo and badge. Thoughtfully designed, the Poplar leaf represents a type of quality hardwood we use in our Poplar products, sustainably harvested right here in Appalachia. As a nod to our home in Tennessee, the three stars from the Tennessee State Flag are in the center of the leaf, representing the three Grand Divisions of the state: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.

The Madison Mill badge symbolizes our commitment to the sustainable harvesting of genuine Appalachian hardwood, quality, and our community, Ashland City, Tennessee. While we still have all of the same grit, work-ethic, craftsmanship, Southern charm, and small-town roots in Ashland City, our new look best reflects our expanded national presence and our being the household name in woodworking shops and American homes.

The Tennessee Crafted Badge For Madison Mill