Dowels & Accessories

A Bunch Of Different Colored Sticks Sitting On Top Of Each Other By Madison Mill

All Dowels
Are Not The Same.

Our premium hardwood dowels and accessories are made for the expert craftsman, the first-time DIYer, and all projects and experience in between. Either way, you are going to need a hardwood piece that is true-to-size, clear grain, hard, and easy to paint or stain. When you buy a Madison Mill product, you get all of this—and the best start to your project.


  • 1/8 inch to 2 inches in diameter

  • 12 inches to 96 inches long

  • Round Dowels (Poplar and Oak)

  • Square Dowels (Poplar and Oak)

  • Flag Sticks and Poles

  • Half Round/Split Dowels (Poplar and Oak)


  • Pins

  • Plugs

  • Poles

  • Buttons

  • Spindles

  • Finials

  • Pegs

  • Turnings

Our hardwood dowels and accessories are sold in major home improvement retailers and local hardware stores across the United States and Canada.

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